EnergyTech: Sustainable and On-Demand

We partner with world-class manufacturers to develop energy systems that allow you to minimize your dependence on the grid.

EV Charging Stations

A world leader in EV manufacturing and charging devices, our EV chargers can operate on grid energy or renewable sources, providing on demand power for your electric vehicles.

Level 2 EVSE, 15.4kw, 240V, 64 Amp, wall mounted with 25 ft cable charger (single)

Level 3 EVSE, 30kw, 240V, 64 Amp,  wall mounted with 25 ft Cable Charger (single)


Energy independence comes down to having energy stored away so that you can meet your energy requirements regardless of environmental conditions.  Our state of the art batteries allow you to collect and store excess energy from renewables, or the grid, for use when the sun doesn't shine and the wind isn't blowing.

HomeGrid Energy Stack'd Module Series (2-8 modules of 4.8kW each)


Our award-winning hybrid inverters are source and battery agnostic, meaning they can manage power from Solar, Battery, Grid, Load, and Generator simultaneously, with 3x's more efficiency (3.5% losses vs. 14% in today‚Äôs battery based systems) and pumps out power just like the grid, allowing you to power 120V/ 240V/208V appliances  They work with or without a battery to provide clean, renewable energy to your home.

Sol-Ark All-in-One Hybrid Inverter (12kW)