SmartTech: Energy Efficiency and Automation

From energy-efficient lighting, to automated device controllers, SECURE Infrastructure's SmartTech devices enable anyone to turn their home into a secure, voice-controlled, automated, energy-efficient smart home.


Not only do our smart lights change colors create any setting you can imagine, they do so while saving you up to 90% on your energy costs compared to run-of-the-mill, white, incandescent bulbs.

Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb

RGBIC Smart LED Strip Lights


Our smart electrical devices aren't just for energy savings.  They also provide peace of mind know that your home and expensive appliances are safe from overloads which is a leading cause of house fires.

Wi-Fi Smart In-Wall Outlet & Switch with Power Metering

Smart Plug US

Internal Smart Switch

Wireless Controllers

Turn dumb things smart with our wireless control devices, improving convenience, environmental control and energy savings.

Smart Ceiling Fan

Smart Curtain Motor

Sensors and Monitors

Know what's going on in and around your home with our line-up of sensor and monitors.  Use that data to create contingent automations.  

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Home Security and Monitoring

Keep your home safe, even when your not there.  Get notified immediately whenever something is amiss.

Smart Home Control Panel

PIR Motion Sensor

Wireless Door/Window Sensor